Reduce your Inbox Clutter

A set of controls to turn off or allow emails from various companies

One click to block all email from a company

ThxNoThx gives you a new email address - when you give a company your ThxNoThx address, we can easily block all emails from them.

Stop worrying about whether you should give a company your email address in exchange for a coupon - ThxNoThx means you can turn off their emails whenever you want.

Simple and Reliable Email Unsubscribes

For companies that have your regular email address, we provide an unsubscribe service. Simply forward a marketing email from your regular inbox to and we will handle the rest. Your first 10 unsubscribes are free - no account setup needed. (Yes, really!)

If a company keeps sending you emails, we will follow up with them to get you removed from their marketing email lists. In the US marketing emails sent after a user unsubscribes can result in a $16,000 fine per email.

show bundled email with email summaries

Bundle marketing emails so they don't swamp your inbox

Reduce clutter in your inbox by bundling all your less important emails into one daily summary email.

Any emails sent to your ThxNoThx inbox can be bundled together into a summary email and forwarded to your regular inbox. If emails from a company become more important, you can easily set emails from them to be immediately forwarded to your regular email.

You are the customer,
not advertisers

Why isn't our service free? At ThxNoThx we want to reduce the amount of junk in your inbox: we don't show you ads or sell your information to marketers, instead we charge for our service, which helps us cover important costs like servers and email services.

ThxNoThx is not under active development.

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ThxNoThx wants your inbox to be a place to stay informed about things you care about, not a dumping ground for marketers.

The global market for email marketing tools is valued at $7.5 billion. This is driven by email marketers buying sophisticated tools to send emails to consumers like you and me.

In my career I've worked at Microsoft and Google building email marketing tools and an email client. I saw how companies profit by sending more and more marketing emails to customers, so I built a toolkit that helps me manage the emails companies send me.

From talking to friends and family I realized that they felt helpless to stop the commercial emails pouring into their inbox, and I decided to make my tools easy enough for anyone to use. The result was ThxNoThx.

I know that emails contain some of your most private and important communications - ThxNoThx always treats your emails as private, and uses industry standard best practices to keep it secure. I try to keep our products as simple to use, and always value feedback from users about how I could improve our product. Most importantly - I built ThxNoThx for our users (you!), not advertisers.

When you use ThxNoThx, you’ll have a cleaner inbox and you’ll be comfortable giving out your email address to companies, confident that when you want to stop hearing from that company, you’re in control.

How do I use ThxNoThx to reduce my inbox clutter?

Getting Started

1. Sign up & Pick your ThxNoThx username

As part of creating your account you will pick a username. Let's say you pick mary.

So any email sent to will go to your ThxNoThx inbox.

2. When companies ask for your email, give them your ThxNoThx email address.

Let's say you are buying something on when BobsToyCo asks for your email address, you enter instead of your personal email address.

What happens when the company sends me email?

Now, when you receive emails from BobsToyCo, instead of them cluttering up your personal inbox, you will get them bundled into a single daily summary email with all the other emails sent to your ThxNoThx address.

If later you decide that emails from BobsToyCo are important and you want them to always go to your personal inbox, you can stop bundling them by opening up an email from BobsToyCo and change the dropdown just below the From line from "bundled" to "forwarded". If you later change your mind, you can easily switch it back to bundled.

If you need to look at an important email immediately (for example a "verify your email address" email) you can check your ThxNoThx inbox at any time, which has all the recent emails you've received at your ThxNoThx address.

Some ThxNoThx superpowers

See all the emails from a sender: Just click on their name in the inbox and you'll see every email from that sender

Block all emails from a sender: open up an email from BobsToyCo and change the dropdown just below the From line from "bundled" to "forwarded". If you later change your mind, you can easily switch it back to bundled.

But what about all those companies that already have my personal email address?

ThxNoThx can help with those too!

Just forward an email from your regular inbox to and we'll handle all the unsubscribing. If a particular company isn't responding to normal unsubscribe requests, we'll follow up with them to get you unsubscribed.

ThxNoThx is not under active development.

If you'd like to sign up for the service, contact